Terms and Conditions

It is imperative you agree to our terms of service before placing any order.

Please read our terms CAREFULLY. When in doubt, contact us before sending the airtime.

Please read the following carefully:

  1. The minimum airtime that can be converted is 1000 naira.
  2. First order of the day will not attract transfer fee. Standard transfer fee for all payments in #50. 
  3. We do not convert in bits. There are many orders to attend to on average, please shoot your shot so we can move on to other clients.
  4. It is imperative you request for specified number from our staff before sending the airtime (WHEN IN DOUBT).
  5. You may be required to specify the number from which you are transferring the airtime. SCREENSHOTS ARE IMPORTANT
  7. Send us a chat at 08100042251 before/after placing your order.
  8. Prompt payment is guaranteed.
  9. Use the calculators to confirm our conversion rates. 
  10. Rates are based on market indices. We do not compel prospective clients to use our service. Only contact us for number if the rates suit you. 

Payment is immediate, after airtime is confirmed received. Do not contact a number not displayed on this website/app. Thanks.

Xpino Systems Solutions (the power behind Airtime2Cash) has the full right to change their tariff without prior broadcast. Any rate on the calculators as at when converting airtime to cash is valid and binding on all stakeholders unless our staff notifies you of off peak period.

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