• STEP 1

    Fill the form, ensure you indicate the network you are converting. State the amount and type out the number(s) you will use to send the airtime to us

  • STEP 2

    Screenshot the completed form then send it to 08061976772 (WhatsApp). You can also click on the green button at the bottom of the form to link you to the conversion department on WhatsApp.

  • NOTE:

    AIRTEL IS PARTIALLY SUSPENDED AT THE MOMENT DUE TO LOW VALUE & IT WILL ONLY BE PROCESSED FOR VERY FEW KNOWN USERS AND OLD CLIENTS. Glo and 9mobile are partially suspended due to their poor values. Please feel obliged to use other options till the rate is normalized. Apologies

The screenshot MUST show:

  1. The network
  2. The amount you are converting
  3. The number(s) you will use to send the airtime to us, and
  4. the amount you will be paid.

Avoid delay by doing things right. It’s a simple process and we can’t afford to delay other clients. Thanks.