How it works...

Airtime to cash conversion is based on market indices. Rates are not static. After airtime is sent to us and confirmed, we send your money to your account based on our terms of service. You do not have to pay any registration fee before you qualify to enjoy our services.

Please read our terms CAREFULLY.  Click here to check the CALCULATOR. When in doubt, contact us before sending the airtime.

Payment is made immediately after airtime is received!

Please visit the calculator often as, as mentioned,  rates depend on market indices.

If you are pleased with the current rates, request for a number to send the airtime to then drop your account details thereafter. Conversion is not automated on the app for safety reasons. The airtime2cash teams can easily be reached on WhatsApp.

Payment is instant.

Be brief, state the network and amount. EVERY SECOND COUNTS!

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