What network’s airtime do you convert to cash?

We convert  the airtime of all networks.

How do I convert MTN airtime to cash?

We have multiple dedicated lines. After contacting the conversion department you will be given a specific MTN number to send the airtime to. This will be converted and paid to you thru cash.

How much percentage do you charge?

We charge moderate fees, you can visit https://airtime2cash.com/calculators No extra charges for payments into GTBank Account. However, additional #60 will be deducted if payment will be made into other banks.

How do I transfer airtime from an MTN to another MTN sim?

To transfer credit via USSD, dial *600*phone number*amount*PIN# then press the send button.  For example, if you want to transfer 400 to 09064851978, then you have to dial *600*09064851978*400*1234#.  If entered correctly, you will receive a notification message that your transaction completed successfully.

How do I transfer airtime from a GLO sim to another GLO sim?

To transfer airtime on Glo network; Activate the service by creating your Glo EasyShare PIN.

  • To change/create your Glo EasyShare 5-digit PIN:
  • Dial *132*00000*New Pin*New Pin# For example if you want your new pin to be 12345 dial *132*00000*12345*12345#
  • To Transfer Credit, dial *131*Phone Number of the recipient*Amount*Password#
  • For example to Transfer N5000 to 07059996993 and your pin is 12345 dial *131*07059996993*5000*12345#.

You will receive a text message once the transfer is completed. Default password is 00000.

How to share Glo Airtime

To Transfer Glo Credit, dial *131*Phone Number of the recipient*Amount to be transferred*Password#. For example, if your password is 12345 and you want to transfer N75 to a customer with Phone Number 08155570458, then you dial *131*08155570458*75*12345#. You will receive notification via text message once the transfer is completed. Default password is 00000. You can also use the Glo Mobile App.

To change this default PIN, dial *132*00000*[New PIN]*[New PIN]#.

If for example you want your new PIN to be 12345, then dial *132*00000*12345*12345*.

This USSD command will immediately reset your Glo transfer PIN.

Note: Don’t use 12345 as your new PIN, it is very easy to guess. People who want to play smart ones on you can easily guess such simple numbers.

Also, it is very important to change your default PIN, because Glo doesn’t allow their customers to carryout EasyShare operations with the default 00000 PIN.

How to share Airtel Airtime

  • You need to update your SIM card to 32K SIM;
  • Select SMS menu on your mobile phone;
  • Under the menu, you will find a Me2U icon.
  • Click on it! You will get two options you can either send airtime or change the password: Choose to send airtime.
  • Now you can enter any denomination you want. After that, enter the password and then click ok!

How to share 9mobile Airtime

To transfer airtime, dial the following combination: * 223 * PIN code * Amount * Phone Number #. For example, you want to send “N200” airtime. Then dial * 223 * PIN code * 200 * Phone Number # and press “send.” After that, you will get a message to confirm the details of the transaction.